Friday, April 3, 2009

My boy or the power of a kiss....

My little guy is feeling under the weather today...Last night he got home with a fever that wouldn't go away. He seems to be fine until you touch his forehead - it's burning, last time I measured his temperature it was 38.3C - yikes. For those of you who read my blog and have kids you know what it's like when your baby is sick - with all your heart you wish for a quick recovery...Tim was crying yesterday because I wouldn't take him to the swimming class (he was at 38.9C at that time) and says to me "Mommy, kiss me so I get better" So I did and then he says "See, I'm ok now, we can go swimming" with his cheeks red and eyes watery...I wish we could fix everything with a kiss, that would be so cool! Just like Tim's dayhome provider Jan said to me one day "You know that MOM is backwards WOW". So true!

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