Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The day before Friday.

So I spent most of the day in bed yesterday - I failed fighting the bug and woke up with huge headache and a sore throat...yikes. It's the first time I've been sick in months and I forgot how nasty it is. I felt good only when I was horizontal, as soon as I got up I got sick...I'm better today, thank goodness! yay! I went to work, still walked a bit like a zombie there but managed to contribute something still..:) Tim and I went to the swimming pool for his practice, I'm telling ya nothing heals you better that watching your kid have fun..:):)

I remembered how a couple of days ago I was reading Tim a bedtime story about letters and alphabet (Alex and I find it awesome that he's so fascinated with the idea of going to school!) and at the end I asked Tim: "So what's your favourite letter?" And he goes: "B", I wondered why and he says after a pause: "Because!"...:))) I ask him what his favourite letter is again and this time he says "U", I go "Why?" :) And Tim says....ok are you ready for this???...he says:

"Because YOU love me!"...awww!!! my baby...

I'm excited about the long weekend coming up and hopefully seeing some of our friends...that's what the weekends should be for, right? :)


Elaine said...

You are a wonderful mother, wife, friend and woman. Let your spirit shine on the world. Hope you are feeling better my dear friend - sorry I gave you my cold. I'm still recouperating too. Stay horizontal. Smiles E

Svetlana said...

Awww! thanks girlfriend!! I hope you're feeling better, too!

xoxo Lana