Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lindsey and Jeremy's Wedding

Hi everyone! Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to be the second photographer for Sergei Belski at Lindsey and Jeremy's wedding which took place in Airdrie. Thanks, Sergei, for letting me come with you! You're amazing! And what a sweet and loving couple! They've known each other forever and have dated for the past 3 years. You should have just seen the way Jeremy looked at Lindsey, my heart melted! What a joy to see people so much in love! I'm so grateful that they let me be part of their special day, I truly enjoyed every moment of it (yeah yeah even the clingy bugs in the field! :):)...

Here's a card and a note that Lindsey gave to Jeremy before the wedding:
Lindsey's surprise gift to Jeremy:
The groom getting extra courage:
One of the groomsmen enjoying The Giant Bathroom Book...haha...:) Actually the whole bridal party was fantastic, lots of fun!!
What a cutie!! He even took this basket down to the main floor all by himself. Precious!
Handsome groom:
Hugs from mom:
Another little cutie!
Jeremy is getting some styling from his sister:
Getting flowers done:
Beautiful Lindsey with her parents:
"You may now kiss the bride"....ahhhh
Prayer for the newly weds...

Such a happy couple!
Isn't she gorgeous??
Lindsey's brother playing with his nephew. :)
Some romantic moments....
And fun moments...:)

Stunning bride!

I just fell in love with these orange shoes!!

So much love in her eyes...
HApPy TwiRliNg!
Many faces of Lindsey...and all of them are beautiful! :)
Scared of the bee flying around her flowers...:)
What a gorgeous couple!
Groomsman having a blast on the slide! Go Chris!
Lindsey is a teacher so she wanted to go the playground for photos and we had tons of fun!
Look at this little princess. :)
ahhhh...what a precious little thing! and already partying! :))
Jeremy surprised everyone by having the first dance right from the start and I have to tell you they looked AH-MAZING!
Jeremy's sister's tears of happiness:
Cameras and camcoders everywhere, you can't miss any detail of this wonderful day!
Wow thanks so much for this wonderful day!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I can't contain my happiness after I picked up a copy of the YOGA MAGAZINE this afternoon with my photo in it in an ad for Chic Bamboo Wear !!! How exciting is that??? It's HUGE for me!! I'm thrilled beyond belief! Hope it's not the last publication. I want to thank everyone who believes in me! You rock, my friends!

Here's the original post:

Chic Bamboo Wear website:

Please visit, they have tons of cool stuff and yoga/health resources there!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trip to Wonderland aka British Columbia

We've been meaning to take a trip to BC for a long time so I finally took some time off work, we packed up our bags (most important things first - Tim's toys and the cameras :)) and were on our way to the Echanted Forest. We booked the Three Valley Gap hotel which is about 18 km away from the Enchanted Forest (nice hotel, btw, highly recommend if you're travelling that way....though they don't have a microwave). The location is beautiful!! So worth almost a 6-hour drive! We did make a few stops so Tim could ride his scooter and stop asking: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" :)...haha..:) We totally forgot about the time difference and were an hour early for the check-in but they were kind enough to let us into our room right away and didn't make us wait.

First we went to see the Crazy Creek. As we were walking across the suspension bridge I could just absorb all the moisture coming from the waterfall (those of you who are from Calgary know what I'm talking about! :)), it's gorgeous there! I mean trees are blooming and the flowers are blossoming, it's summer there already! wow. We didn't have time to check out the Enchanted Forest the same day as they were closing at 6 pm and one hour wouldn't be enough to see everything so we decided to come back the next morning. I did buy a pair of beautiful wooden earrings at the gift shop though, I don't care it takes me 2 minutes to put them on. Each. They're just really pretty and unique.:) I wish we had more time to spend in BC, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Anyone with me?? :)

Honestly I was not that afraid to walk on the glass floor of the Calgary Tower than climbing this tree house. Go figure!