Friday, July 3, 2009

Mel: Boudoir

I had another chance to have a boudior session, this time with Mel. She's a real Rock Chic and that theme ran through the whole shoot. Fantastic!! I was also my first time shooting in a studio (thanks to my photographer pal Maros and his sweet wife Nancy Hana of HanaStudio for letting the three crazy chics (Mel, Elaine who did an awesome job posing! and I) invade his studio for 1,5 hours! :)) After shooting in a studio we hit downtown Calgary and then had a wonderful supper in Boston Pizza (thanks Elaine!!! it was delicious!) We all had a blast!! I'd do it again any time! Glad Mel was ok with me posting some of the pics on here. You rock, girl!!! Thanks for the great time!


Anonymous said...

Светочка, я в восхищении, фото очень понравились!

Svetlana said...

thank you thank you!!! :)))

Elaine said...

Sizzling HOT!!!!! Cha-Bang!!! Mel you totally Rocked it out! You look stunning, captivating and oh so very playful.

Well done Lana in capturing the essence of Mel. Love the way you capture LIFE. Stepping stones towards your dreams.


Svetlana said...

Aww...thanks E!!! Mel, you absolutely rocked this session!!