Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Saga....

Ok so this morning I woke up and found only 1/2 toilet paper roll left! What a disaster! I hate leaving things till the last minute and was mad at myself I didn't check THE SUPPLY when I did my grocery shopping last week. I was like Oh no, I will have to make a whole extra trip to the store just to get toilet paper and will look really weird at the cash register...haha!! :))) Though tim would probably get me to buy him something but that wasn't my plan. :) So can you imagine how happy I felt after I found 2 more rolls stashed in one of the bathroom drawers??! :)) It was like a miracle! lol....:) And I didn't even have to rush to the store..:) Anyway I guess this post was really about how truly little things can make us happy!:))

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