Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Will Shoot For Movie Tickets!

Most of you know how much I LOOOOVE going to the movies! I wish I could go to the movies every dream. The last movie I have seen was Avatar (highly recommend by the way! - it's totally rad!). There're a few others I want to see so I had an idea - I will shoot a mini photo session for you here in Calgary (30 min) for a $100 gift certificate to Studio 16 theatre (regular price for the full session is $275). If you wish to take me up on this limited offer you may email me at as soon as possible or leave a comment below this post that you want your name to be entered in the draw (I will need your contact info emailed to me still) - you don't need to sign up for Blogger to be able to leave a comment. I will have the draw tomorrow at 8 pm and will announce the winner on my Facebook Fan Page - so please join and let's have some fun!! I may have other similar draws in the future if this one goes well. ;))

Calgary Wedding Photographer,Svetlana Yanova

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